• Your free and confidential service for Sexual Health in Croydon

  • Your free and confidential service for Sexual Health in Croydon

Please DO NOT attend clinic if you have Covid-19 symptoms, i.e. a persistent cough, fever or loss of taste or smell. 

Online appointment booking at Croydon Sexual Health Centre

Our demand has increased significantly during the pandemic and we are doing our best to see as many people as we can. Unfortunately, we still have to turn away a number of people from clinic every day. Please help us by only booking an online appointment only if you meet the criteria.

Please note that, even with online booking, you may be in the department for up to 2 hours. If you are more than 10 minutes late you may be turned away. 

If you have any comments on the changes please email ch-tr.sexualhealth@nhs.net

If you have any issues with the booking please see our Frequently Asked Questions

Please note that we are unable to allow partners or relatives into the waiting area. There will be some extremely rare exceptions to this for vulnerable people - please speak to reception if you need more information. 

If you require an interpreter please email ch-tr.sexualhealth@nhs.net or call 0208 401 3766. 


To use ONLINE BOOKING please see the criteria below. 

To ensure we give you the best possible care please only create 1 online account. If you create duplicate accounts then it may cause delays to your treatment. If you have any issues please email ch-tr.sexualhealth@nhs.net for support.  


I have symptoms

(i.e. anything happening to your genitals that is not normal for you).


I have no symptoms but want a check up.

I would like to book a contraceptive implant.

I would like to book a contraception appointment.

I require PEPSE.

I am a victim of sexual assault.

I require emergency contraception.

I am under 16.

I am 18 and under. 

Please click on the appropriate link below to see if your symptom requires an appointment.

Do not call.

Symptom checker female 

Symptom checker male

Order a self-test kit

Do not call.

This service is for Croydon residents only. 


Please book  online. Slots are released 7 days in advance.

Please ensure you book into the "implant" clinic, not the contraception clinic. 


Please book online.  

Pills and pre-coil consultations will be telephone appointments. Please attend for coil check/removal, depo injection and patch. DO NOT book into the contraception clinic for implants. 

Please note coils can only be removed if you have abstained from sex for 7 days. We are sorry but we don't do coil removals on Saturdays.

Do not call.

You can order certain types of contraceptive pills online via the link below. (Croydon residents only)

Order the pill online

Please call 0208 401 3766 for an urgent appointment.

Please call 0208 401 3553 or walk into clinic during our opening hours - see  Sexual Health Clinic

If you would like to speak directly to our young people's nurse please call 07773 976488. 

Our dedicated young person's clinic, The Point for people aged 18 and under remains open to walk ins and telephone bookings on Tuesdays between 3pm and 5.30pm. 


Please note that the priority for our testing lab is COVID-19 tests. It may take up to 3 weeks for STI test results. Please only contact us if you are waiting longer than 3 weeks for a result. 

STI Self test kits

Please do not order a duplicate test kit because you haven't received a result as our supplies are very limited. 

Get a free STI test kit

Get a free STI test kit

If you're aged 16 or over and living in Croydon, you can request a free sexually transmitted infection (STI) self-sampling kit. You can use the kit to take your own samples at home and send them back to us for free. We’ll test your samples and let you know the results by phone or text message for free.

Request a self test kit


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