Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I book a sexual health appointment?

A: Click on the male or female symptom checker, and click what symptom applies to you. Please ensure you read through all of the information and if your symptom warrants an appointment, you will see a link to book an appointment online. Not all symptoms do warrant an appointment, so if your symptoms prompt you to visit a pharmacy, your GP service or order a self-test kit, please do so.


Q: How do I book a contraceptive appointment?

A: Click on contraception and then click the link to book online. Please read the information provided to ensure you are booking the right contraceptive appointment. For Implant appointments there is a separate implant clinic - do not book the contraception clinic. 


Q: I Need both sexual health and contraception

A: Please book a separate appointment in both clinics, ensuring they are at least an hour apart. If you are unable to do this, please book the appointments for separate days. 


Q: When I try to book an appointment, I cannot see any slots

A: When we are fully booked, no slots will show, please try again the next morning for a slot the following day.


Q: When are slots released?

A: Slots are released for booking at 8:30am Sunday to Thursday and you will be booked for the next working day. i.e slots will be released Monday for Tuesday


Q: Why can’t I book further ahead than the next working day?

A: Due to the high demand of the clinic we only allow next day bookings otherwise we would be booked up for months. Next day booking ensures you get seen promptly without much delay.


Q: How long do appointments take?

A: Appointments can take up to two hours to complete so please make sure you have adequate time before booking. 


Q: I just need more medication for a recurring issue and don’t need a check-up, what do I do?

A: Please book an appointment and in the patient comments please state you would like telephone call with a doctor and state what medication it is you require.


Q: Why can’t I just walk in?

A: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we are currently running a limited service. If you have symptoms, please book an appointment via this website. If you want a general peace of mind test, please order a self-test kit.


Q: I cannot get enough blood out when doing the test kit, can I just come in?

A: If you are having difficulty please call 0208 401 3766 - we will be able to allocate you an appointment with a nurse for bloods. 


Q: Why can’t I come in for a general check-up if I have no symptoms?

A: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we are currently running a limited service and do not have the capacity to see asymptomatic patients. This is to ensure sure patients with emergencies are promptly seen and to maintain social distancing within the clinic, to protect both our patients and our staff. You can order a self-test kit and be tested for the same things as if you were in clinic.


Q: Do I need to book an appointment for condoms?

A: No


Q: What do I do if I am a contact of someone with a diagnosed STI?

A: Please order an online self-test kit and book an appointment online


Q: My account is locked, what do I do?

A: Check your email (and junk e-mail) for an account reset link and enter the verification code sent to your code


Q: I didn’t get a verification code

A: Please email and we will try and help.