Order a STI self test kit

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If you have STI symptoms please click here

Please note that we are unable to send self-test kits for patients outside of Croydon borough. Any kits ordered to a post code outside of Croydon will be rejected. If you have ordered to a Croydon post code but been rejected please email ch-tr.sexualhealth@nhs.net and we will investigate. 

Your self-test kit will be posted on the next working day. Please be patient as it may take a few days to arrive. If you have been wating over 7 days for a kit please email ch-tr.sexualhealth@nhs.net. Please do not re-order a duplicate kit as our supplies are very limited. 


Due to a national shortage in test bottles, our supply of home test kits has temporarily stopped.

We have been expecting a large delivery since mid-August and it is now coming through this week.

This will mean that there will be a delay in getting the kits out to you. Your order will still be sent as soon as possible - please DO NOT request an extra order.

We are truly sorry for this delay and the inconvenience this causes you. 


You can order 1 kit per 3 months. Please do not order more frequently than this - your request will be rejected. If you feel you need an additional kit please email ch-tr.sexualhealth@nhs.net 

Please use the exact same details - i.e. email, name, date of birth, address - when ordering kits or booking appointments otherwise the system may reject your booking. 

Please click on the appropriate link for you below.


I am 16 or over 

You will need to register and click on "Sexual Health - make new appointment" , "Web test kits" then follow the instructions. 


If you are under 16 please click the following button. 

I am under 16