Relationship and Sex Education in Croydon Schools

Kerry Sea

  • Comprehensive 4 week SRE programme offered to priority schools identified by commissioners, generally delivered year 9 or 8.
  • Follow up refresher sessions in years 10 and 11
  • Workshops, updates, C-Card and Chlamydia events in 6th forms and FE colleges
  • RSE input offered to non-priority schools as time allows.
  • Adapted and targeted RSE work for other groups Inc. PRUs, LGBTQ group, YOS & special schools.

What is it?

This is a programme designed to enable schools, PRUs (pupil referral units) and non-school settings to contribute to the reduction of teenage conceptions and sexually transmitted infections.

It aims to promote good practice in RSE and sets a standard of delivering consistent messages to young people involved in the programme.

The programme is designed to be flexible so that it can be adapted and tailored to the needs of specific groups of young people.

What does the programme cover?

This is a holistic, evidence based programme that usually runs over four sessions. The core areas are listed below. You will also find a list of additional topics that can be integrated if you feel your group of young people will benefit.

The course is embedded in the delay message and supports young people to wait until they are truly ready before embarking on sexual relationships.  The programme promotes positive messages about sex, presenting it as a healthy and natural activity which is best enjoyed at the right time with the right person. We acknowledge that young people are bombarded with negative messages about sex and sexuality and we aim to build their critical competencies and enable them to question sexual messages in the media by understanding their own personal values and attitudes. All lessons are gender neutral ensuring resources and activities are relevant to all young people regardless of their sexual orientation.

How do I get the RSE programme established in my setting?

If you are interested in introducing the RSE Programme in your setting, we accept referrals through email or telephone. We will then arrange a visit to your setting where we will talk through the programme and get an understanding from you about the level of need of your young people. We will then begin to adapt the programme to ensure it meets the needs of your young people.

At this meeting, we will also discuss parental consent, confidentiality agreements and child protection procedures.

Contact: Seaming Pak SRE Training Specialist –