Was the sex you had the sex you wanted?

Was the sex you had the sex you wanted?

No matter how far you have gone with someone, you have the right to say NO and to opt out at any time. 

Did you and your partner both consent to sex?

CONSENT needs to be given for each sexual act – anal, oral and vaginal sex.  Just because you agreed to one type of sex, doesn’t mean you agreed to all types of sex.

Choice – Did you have the ability to say yes or no?

Freedom - Did you ever feel scared, pressured, coerced or bribed into the sex you had?

Capacity – Did you have the mental capacity to consent? If you are under the influence of any substance, it is best not to have sex?

Did you always feel in control of your decisions?

Did you trust the person you had sex with?

We are here for you, we want to keep you healthy and safe.  If you now feel that the sex you had or planning to have doesn’t feel right.  An experienced member of the sexual health team would be more than happy to talk to you about it.  Never feel embarrassed, never feel ashamed and you should never feel alone.