C-Card scheme

The  Come Correct (C-Card) Scheme provides free condoms, lubrication, female condoms, dental dams and sexual health information to young people under 25 across London (currently only 7 boroughs don’t participate).  You can use your card once a week, every week until your 25th birthday.

To find a registration point and to view a list of outlets, visit the website:  www.comecorrect.org.uk or www.gettingiton.org.uk

Colourful condoms!

The Top 5 reasons a condom breaks

1. If there are any oils on your hands or genitals

Food grease, vaseline, cocoa butter etc. The condom will break as oil and rubber don't mix! This includes trying to get 'sexy' with oil-based lube such as baby oil and vaseline. 

2. If the condom is out of date. 

When we proide condoms they usually last for a few years but always check the date!

3. Air bubble

If you don't hold the teat of the condom with 2-3 fingers as you roll it odwn, you will not be leaving space for the ejaculate and the condom could break!

4. If the condom is too big or too small

Make sure you use the right size, there are 5 different sizes - Trim/Comfort fit, Regular (for average size of 6-7 inches when erect), Large, Extra Large/King size, Super King. 

5. If you use a condom for more than 20-30 minutes through penetration 

It will lose its lubrication and is likely to break. Change the condom!


Dispose of condoms in the bin, not the toilet where it can block them and cause environmental damage!