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Psychosexual team

Psychosexual therapy examines sexual functioning of the body and the mind, and the "communication" between them. The treatment focuses on three main aspects: understanding of physical functioning, exploration of environmental and emotional dynamics and application of behavioral programmer with some educational elements. 

Psychosexual experts work with issues like: 

-low  libido/desire;

-erectile  dysfunctions (e.g. premature or delayed ejaculation);

-vulva pain  (e.g. vaginismus, vulvadynia, dysperunia, etc.);


-relationship difficulties

-compulsive use of sex and/or pornography;

-trauma (e.g. sexual assault, accident, depression).

Psychosexual service offers from 6 to 12 session in fortnightly intervals. You can attend the sessions on your own or with your partner. Your therapist will offer you safe and non-judgmental space to think about presenting issue and its best management. 

Please ask your GP to fill in the referral form below and email to

Psychosex referral form

Meet the team

Dorota Mucha - Lead Psychosexual Therapist

Dorota Mucha Lead Psychosexual Therapist

Sophie Fernandez - Pyschosexual Therapist

Sophie Fernandez

Saundra Rhoden - Psychosexual Therapist

Saundra Rhoden

Sarah Thompson - Psychosexual Therapist

Sarah Thompson

Siobhan Lawson - Psychosexual Therapist

Siobhan Lawson

Eleanor Heavens - Psychosexual Therapist

Eleanor Heavens